Sharp Durablade 100 Half Blades Pack
Sharp Durablade 100 Half Blades Pack

Sharp Durablade 100 Half Blades Pack

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Sharp Durablade 100 Half Blades Pack

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A favorite of Wet Shavers for comfort and closeness. These blades are noted for being “SHARP” as well as extremely smooth and comfortable to shave with. We have found that these blades deliver a particularly smooth shave in comparison to other blades that we have evaluated. These blades are a genuine stainless steel blade (not carbon steel) that may be one of the sharpest blades manufactured today. In addition to be extremely sharp, these blades provide an unbelievable comfortable shave as well. This fine blade is “must” for the wet shaving enthusiasts, who like us believes nothing beats a shave with a Double Edge razor!

How we are different?

Henri et Victoria in a range of sophisticated scents that advocate self-care in its finest form. We advocate the tradition of shaving and are on a mission to convert as many men as we can back to wet or traditional shaving regimes.

We produce unique and soothing artisanal aftershave balms (along with many other products) purpose-made for men, in a range of eccentric scents that advocate eccentricity in its finest form.

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