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After shave balm - LimeAfter shave balm - Lime
After shave balm - Lime
Sale price$28.00
After Shave Splash - LimeAfter Shave Splash - Lime
After Shave Splash - Lime
Sale price$27.50
Bar soap - LimeBar soap - Lime
Bar soap - Lime
Sale price$14.00
Beard Balm - LimeBeard Balm - Lime
Beard Balm - Lime
Sale price$27.50
Beard Oil - Lime - Preshave oilBeard Oil - Lime - Preshave oil
Body and Beard Wash - LimeBody and Beard Wash - Lime
Body and Beard Wash - Lime
Sale price$27.50
Perfume for men - Lime - 10 mlPerfume for men - Lime - 10 ml
Perfume for men - Lime - 60 mlPerfume for men - Lime - 60 ml
Shaving Soap - LimeShaving Soap - Lime
Shaving Soap - Lime
Sale price$27.50

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All of Henri et Victoria's products are packed with the vitamins and nutrients your skin needs. We have it our whole lives so treat it like your best friend.

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