Honing Service - Two (2) straight razors - deluxe service

$55.00 CAD -

Honing service is completed using world class Japanese natural stones by our friend and expert Jeremy Brooks. It includes a one (1) ounce dropper bottle of mineral oil and 1/2 ounce of barbasol disinfectant concentrate.

The process:

  1. Send a picture of the straight razor you would like to canadian-honing@outlook.com
  2. Order the honing service
  3. We will send you the address by email with confirmation
  4. You send the razor to Jeremy Brooks

What is included:

  1. World class honing for two (2) razors on world class Japanese natural Stone by Jeremy Brooks
  2. Return shipping cost
  3. one (1) ounce dropper bottle of mineral oil - to oil blade before storing, helps prevents rust
  4. 1/2 ounce of barbasol disinfectant concentrate

The edges produced by Jeremy's honing on Japanese natural stones are in a class of their own. I would say that he produces the best edge ever tested by a lot of straight razor users. He has honed razors sent from around the world since the smoothness and sharpness have almost no equal. For Henri et Victoria's part, it was the best straight razor edge we have ever used to shave; it was both buttery smooth and exceedingly very sharp. Following this we asked Jeremy Brooks if he would be willing to perform honing service for us. He agreed.

What we are not:

We are not a blade restoration service and reserve the right to turn down blades based on their condition.

In case the blade as defects requiring additional work, refund will not include return shipping fees and a 5$ fee for re-preparing and sending the package. 

Honing process:

Our first goal is to inspect the razor for any damage and form a plan of attack. Using magnification, we can determine if there are any issues that can’t be seen with the naked eye. We then check the razor for warps, twists, frowns and any other issues that will require special care and attention.

Our next challenge is to set a bevel on your razor. Based on our assessment, this can be done a number of different ways. Worst case scenario, if there is severe damage to your razor, we may go as low as 325 grit to repair the bevel. Typically, the bevel of your razor will be set using a Naniwa Chosera 1k stone. This is one of the most widely used synthetic bevel setting stones in use today.

Once we are certain the bevel is correctly set we are faced with the task of preparing the edge for a final polish. This goal is accomplished by progressively polishing the bevel of your razor to a point that it can accept a final polish without us being worried that there is any remaining damage from our bevel setting stone. Big scratches must be removed and replaced with smaller scratches. We use only the highest quality middle grit Japanese natural stones to accomplish this.

Once the razor is ready for its final polish we select one of our finest quality Japanese natural stones and work the razor until it’s ready to be stropped.

We strop all our razors on a three component Kanayama strop that includes linen, suede and Shell Cordovan – the finest horse leather available.

Why do we use Japanese stones (include a brief history)?

After testing out nearly every available stone and honing process, we believe that Japanese natural stones provide the sharpest, most comfortable and longest lasting edge.

Japanese natural stones were formed via volcanic activity nearly 225 million years ago. These stones are mined by hand and have been used since the 12th Century to polish the highest quality weapons and edged tools made from the highest quality iron/steel in the world. These stones are highly regarded and often passed from generation to generation.

Why do we use different stones with different blades?

Straight razors have been manufactured for hundreds of years from various types of steel that has been hardened in different ways. Steel from Sheffield, England, isn’t the same as steel from Eskilstuna, Sweden or Kyoto, Japan. Because of this, every razor requires special attention. By watching and feeling the razor progress and our understanding of different steels we are able to select the best finish possible for your razor that will ensure an irritation free and comfortable shave.

What you can expect/How will we care for your blade:

You can expect us to care for your blade like it was your own. Our goal is not to hone more razors than our competitors; Our goal is to provide the best service on the market and that means honing your razor the same way we hone our own. Our process often takes longer and is more involved than what you might expect. While your razor is in our possession it will be treated as if it was part of our own personal collection; we at Henri et Victoria are straight razor users too and take great pride in maintaining our tools.