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Perfume for men




They say good things come in small packages, and we tend to agree. This compact roll-on perfume is discreet yet distinctive. For an unparalleled scent that lingers all day long, and a quality perfume that drives you forward, this delivers every time.

Distinctively Different, Eccentrically You.

How Are We Different?

Henri Et Victoria celebrates male grooming in its finest form. We advocate the tradition of shaving and are on a mission to convert as many men as we can back to wet or traditional shaving regimes.
We produce unique artisanal Perfumes (along with many other products) purpose-made for men, in a range of eccentric scents that advocate eccentricity in its finest form.


Denatured Alcohol, Parfum.

Additional information

Weight0.045 kg
Dimensions2 × 2 × 9 cm

Cognac and cuban cigars, Duc Santal, Nautilus



4 reviews for Perfume for men

  1. Blake

    I bought this at Undr in Kingston, Ontario. Smelled the test vial and fell in love. Wears very nicely and the roll-on format means you smell nicely to those you want to have smelling you, not the entire room, plus you can stick it in your shaving kit for travel. Went back the next day and bought another to keep in stock.

  2. Andrew Csabai

    Read my review of the shave soap…great way to keep this amazing scent on all day long. Kind of nice when people ask “Wow, that smells real nice, what is it?”

  3. Geoff

    I really loved the shave soap scent but could not use it since my skin reacted to the oils. I was very happy when Henry et Victoria announced this product, as I can now wear the perfume. The roller ball applicator is easier to use than a spray and the scent lasts all day.

  4. mysticscientist

    https://www.instagram.com/p/Buml155HAgR/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link To my nose: This is a beautiful unique scent made by the independent Montreal barbershop house Henri et Victoria. It smells basically of cognac and cigar tobacco, and reminds me a lot of Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille but with a very boozy cognac note instead of vanilla, along with tobacco. I have experience with Henri et Victoria since I bought their “Str8shave” EDP roll-on (which is a clone of Armani Code) years ago when I smelled their scents at the now-defunct store known as Mens’ Essentials on the Danforth in Toronto. I saw this scent at the time but didn’t buy it back then. Projection is moderate being a roll-on EDP, while longevity is moderate, dissipating in about 5 hours (though this should improve with time as most of my perfume roll-ons have). In any case, you could take this with you in your pocket and it smells really good. Overall, this is a really great warm boozy masculine scent and I like to layer it with other similar scents like Daniel Josier Ambre Tabac, Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man (Creed Aventus clone), and Aramis Havana.

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